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Businesswoman with Mask

The Sharing Table

In October of 2022, The Stewart Perry Construction company commissioned Trés to create a piece for their office that reflects the company’s core values “beyond the build“. 

Businesswoman with Mask

Trés gathered inspiration after a visit to the Stewart Perry campus - an environmentally and beautifully built building and working barn nestled in a setting of vegetable gardens and walking trails surrounding a tranquil lake. He also learned of a communal practice in the office called “the sharing table” where employees freely share items in the spirit of giving. 

Once the sketch was finalized, Trés went to his writing table to craft a fable called “The Sharing Table”.  Hear storyteller Elizabeth Vanderkamp tell the fable:

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Businesswoman with Mask

When creating community art projects, Trés invites the public to join in the art making process.


The employees at Stewart Perry joined him in the company’s barn and helped create the painting. The experience of creating a painting together was for many a relaxing and joyful experience. Trés added his final touches and edits, and now “The Sharing Table” hangs in the Stewart Perry office for all to enjoy. 


“A sincere thank you to all the employees for participating in the making of “The Sharing Table” and a special thank you to Merrill Stewart for the opportunity to bring this vision to life. Art imitating life; life imitating art.” - Trés Taylor 

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