Amaze - The Sacred Journey

Installation exhibited at the Eastern Shore Art Center, Fairhope, AL 2010

Amaze -The Sacred Journey illustrates Trés extraordinary experience toward self illumination. Amaze was a 100- foot mural  tucked within the massive 3D silhouette of a monk.  At the monk's center, lies a labyrinth, an ancient symbol representing the expedition into one's own being and then returning back into the world.


Enchantment at the Menello Museum of American Art

Orlando, FL  2014

Trés was honored to place his Enchantment chapel in the Mennello Museum of American Art. The exterior of this barn wood chapel is surrounded by carved monks with red, black, and gold painted robes. Visitors were invited inside to sit peacefully while listening to birdsongs. Wishes, affirmations, or other thoughts were written on strips of washi paper and draped over the uplifted arms of his illuminated monk sculpture.


The Revolution of Joy

with Lillis Taylor

 The Arts Company, Nashville, TN 2015

Trés Taylor is starting a revolution of joy!  “We need a revolution in our hearts.  Our world has gone mad, and the only way to save our world is to save ourselves. We need to become fearless lovers“ Trés Taylor.  The rEVOLution of Joy expresses the metaphor of turning inward as the way to find where joy resides.

Jolly Lama  copy.jpg


Eastern Shore Art Center, Fairhope, AL 2014

This installation featured three larger than life structures where Trés invited his audience to explore turning inward.  One of the featured elements was the 15-foot Jolly Lama.  Visitors entered the belly of the monk and were asked to write prayers for peace.

tiger at gate.jpg

The Way of Bird, Denver, CO

Produced by The Cherry Creek Arts Festival, solo exhibition/installation 2013

Trés transformed the gallery space with his large works on tarpaper illustrating original fables written by fellow artist, Paul Flack.  Flack was inspired by Trés' signature character, the monk, William Guadalupe.  Flack's tales are lyrical fables featuring Monk and his spiritual guide, Bird, and their encounters along The Way.


Pulling Off the Old Masks Just to See the Flowers Bloom Again, Cincinnati, OH

Caza Sikes Galley,

November 2018

Trés invited his viewers to join him on a journey of self-discovery. "This art exhibit explores the journey of the chakra system, a guide to helping us remember that we are all on a journey towards our true self.  By pulling off the old masks, our true self emerges holding flowers of love and compassion."Trés Taylor

Path of Peace (turtle).jpg

Catching the Wild Spirit, Sanford, FL

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery, May 2019

"Catching the wild spirit" for Trés is the experience one has when visited by spirit animals.  When one is attuned to these encounters, one can receive messages.  This exhibit was a collaboration with Tré Lilli designs featuring sculptural characters from Trés' previous work.