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Love Letters

Gifts from the Sea

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Send your friend, your family, yourself or someone who is having a hard day, an anonymous love letter from the sea!  

Trés' folk tale, "Pure Joy" tells about William Guadalupe's latest journey and how he overcame a time of despair and doubt. William Guadalupe found his way and became the Patron Saint of Sunflowers, Birdsongs, and the Broken-hearted.  
Proceeds of this card help support our community's homeless shelters. At this time, we are trying to lend a hand to those who are most vulnerable. Each envelope is filled with joy, including a trifold print of the painting "Pure Joy", the story printed on the back, and a sweet love letter written on a folded paper boat filled with sunflower seeds.  

Help William Guadalupe spread the joy and thank you for your support! "May your home be blessed with good spirit, Angels All Around You." Trés

PS -To read the story, please go to
Trés Taylor Works on Tarpaper on Facebook. And to refold your paper boat after you read the love letter, here are instructions: paper boat folding 

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