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The Revolution of Joy

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The rEVOLution of Joy

Trés Taylor wants to start a revolution. This revolution is to spread joy and light throughout the village.

Let The Revolution of Joy begin!  



Can’d Aid’s Revolution of Joy (ROJ) is a collaborative project with Trés Taylor. As part of Can’d Aid’s TUNES program, which works to provide access and cultivate a love of music, arts and culture in underserved communities.  


ROJ is a series of uplifting murals throughout the Black Belt Region of Alabama. The murals, designed by Trés are painted by members of the community, work to build community, drive tourism and shine a spotlight on the rich cultural history of the area.  


The mural route will eventually span the entire Black Belt and will feature murals by both Taylor and a local visual artist from each county.


The Mission

The mission is to enhance a community with color and imagery that will have lasting effects for the town.  Trés hopes the murals will generate economic development through tourism.


Alabama's Black Belt is rich with history, small businesses, artists, eateries, and natural beauty. The route of murals invites folks to come see the murals and to linger a bit longer supporting local economies.  


The mission is to remind folks, or to show them for the first time, why this state is called Alabama the Beautiful.  

The Revolution

The Revolution of Joy is a partnership between Trés, Can'd Aid, and the community.  From donations of walls and supplies, to wall prep work, publicity, and helping paint the murals, this project will bring communities together with one common goal.  


Can’d Aid’s belief in people powered do-goodery fuels the concept and relies on volunteers to make Taylor’s large-scale murals come to life.


Since it’s inception, the Revolution of Joy has enlisted the help of hundreds of community volunteers ranging in ages 10 months to 90 years and has brought together people of different races, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds in a common goal of beautifying and unifying communities across Alabama.


What we do together is powerful. 

What we do together is revolutionary.

To get involved, please contact 

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