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The Way of Bird

JW Marriott,

Denver, CO 2013

Trés was selected as the featured artist for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in 2013.  After a successful summer festival, the team invited him to do a solo exhibition in the JW Marriott.  The show began with a concept developed in collaboration with a fellow artist, Paul Flack.  The two creatives developed a line of taoist fables inspired by Tres' iconic monk.  They created a small book of the images and stories.  The installation of the Way of Bird featured large works on tarpaper, accompanied by the fable hand-written on rice paper.  Each image was flanked with bird sculptures carved by another artist and friend, Andrew Nigh and painted by Trés. He called them bird totem poles.  


Monk walks down path. Looks around, sees small flowers, tip toes around them. Storm comes.  Monk takes shelter in dark cave, lights candle.  Outside are all sorts of frightening creatures looking in cave.  Falls asleep.  In dream, he remembers small flowers in field.  Sun comes up.  Monk opens eyes to see daylilies blooming in Monk’s footsteps.

 Today might not be your day, but tomorrow might be.
Perhaps there is some sadness or a storm in your day today. The joys of tomorrow are often born from the pain we experience today.

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