The rEVOLution of Joy


Trés Taylor wants to start a revolution.  This revolution is to spread joy and light throughout the village.  Let The Revolution of Joy begin!  The Revolution of Joy is a community-building public art project where community volunteers, along with the artist, paint large scale murals of joyful imagery.  By creating a route of murals across the state of Alabama through the Black Belt region, these murals will hopefully attract visitors. The mission is to enhance a community with color and imagery that will have the lasting effects for the town.  Trés hopes the murals will generate economic development through tourism.  Alabama's Black Belt is rich with history, small businesses, artists, eateries, and natural beauty.  The route of murals invites folks to come see the murals and to linger a bit supporting local economies.  The mission is to remind folks, or to show them for the first time, why this state is called Alabama the Beautiful.  


The Revolution of Joy is designed to rely heavily on community involvement.  From donations of walls, and supplies, to wall prep work, publicity, right down to help actually panting the murals, this project will bring communities together with one common goal.  What we do together is powerful and unique.  What we do is revolutionary.

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