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Sept. 14, 2023

Beloved One,

Sept, 6, 2023

Mon Petit Chouchou,

(My little cabbage)

With great anticipation, I arrived at the festival along the Ganges and was immediately greeted by a man dressed in a pure white turban and loin cloth.  Moments later I was encircled by a troupe of women in saffron silks with baskets on their heads filled with oranges and sweet honey cakes for Shiva.

My companion joined in playing an ancient melody from his golden flute.  The notes rose on the wings of colorful hummingbirds swirling around us.  Our drunken eyes followed the flock as it rose above our heads, whirling above the trees, reflecting off the water like a shimmering, colorful mandala on the river as the sun set and the moon rose.  It was then I realized I was in the presence of a mystic heart.


William Guadalupe

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