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Smaller Works

Welcome!  On this page you'll find some of our smaller works.  They include Sonnets, TARpestries, prints, posters, and cards.  We hope you find the perfect little Trés for you or a loved one.


Since many of Trés' works are naratives, telling a story, we call these little guys Sonnets.  Enjoy!

These works are painted and carved on tarpaper, mounted on a wood frame, and finished with marine varnish.  

Shipping billed seperately.


    TARpestries are hand-painted works on tarpaper and all measure 9" x 36".  They can hang freely like a tapestry from a small hanger attached to the back or you can order them to be "framed", mounted on a wooden box frame.  Either way, these courting couples and monks make a wonderful addition to any space.


    Below you will find our fine print,  poster, and Love Letters.... enjoy.

    Check out Tré Lilli textile designs!

    Pillows, Dresses, Scarves, and Totes...

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